The shift towards a healthier and greener lifestyle is something pretty discernible in folk across the planet. Everyone has their own recipe in this regard. Some prefer to go vegan while others only wish to consumer ‘organic’ food. It can still get complicated at times and it becomes harder and harder to trust the label. This is exactly why the idea of an edible garden is something that we welcome gleefully. Edible gardens are easy to maintain, can become a part of your relaxing routine each day and you do not need a whole lot of space to get started with one.

One of the world’s most famous front yard vegetable garden in Quebec

Edible gardens filled with fruit and vegetable plants give you a whole lot of satisfaction at the end of it all and the experience of walking into your little garden to collect everything you need to make your next meal is simply priceless! Today, we browse through some of the best edible garden ideas and also uncover the various ways in which you can add one to your own home. From the modest to the best on the planet, these gorgeous edible gardens will undoubtedly tempt you to start one as well –

For the Small Urban Garden

If there is one thing that we have learnt with space, it is that you can work around limitations to get exactly what you want. In the congested urban landscape, a lovely edible garden might sound like a luxury to many out there. But smart vertical garden structures and clever little containers filled with soil allow you to easily cultivate a lovely edible garden with all the basic ingredients. You might not get an extravagant green hub which serves all your culinary needs, but you will still have plenty of fresh supplies which make the delicacies you serve that extra bit special!

Even a small contemporary garden can accommodate a beautiful edible garden [From: Aloe Designs]
Rooftop edible garden of a contemporary Melbourne Residence
Rustic landscape with a beautiful edible garden at its heart! [From: Rob Kyne]
A vertical garden for the edible plants is the best way forward in the urban landscape [From: Brent Riechers Landscape]
Creating the small and smart edible garden

Completing a Lovely Landscape

A smart edible garden is the perfect way to complete your beautiful garden. With changing seasons you might have to make slight adjustments, but the effort is well worth it all. In the small front yard, rear garden or smart little deck next to the pool, a series of containers can easily hold the flower and edible garden. As the time goes by, you can try out different vegetables, fruits and other herbs that thrive in your climate region. Start out small and easy with plants that can be cultivated easily and demand very little in terms of care. This will give you greater encouragement and you soon will be enjoying the work you put into your charming little edible garden.

Make sure that the edible garden blends in beautifully with the larger landscape scenery [From: Zeterre Landscape Architecture / Matthew Millman Photography]
Organic edible garden with a dining area at its center [From: Urban Eco Design]
Organic soil and raised beds turn the forgotten landscape into a lovely vegetable garden [From: Earth Mama Landscape Design]
Creating the perfect space for the raised bed vegetable garden [From: Casa Smith Designs]

Innovative Containers and Ideas

Get creative to create your special edible garden. Containers for the garden and raised beds can come in various forms. You can use pretty anything and everything ranging from old, galvanized aluminum tubs to wine barrels and mundane containers that feel anything but special. Those who want a garden that is more curated might try out stone and wood flanked raised beds and adding soil with organic fertilizers also helps the cause. A smart edible garden, big or small, not only helps you eat better but would also improve the general quality of air around, leading to a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

Elegant use of old wine barrels for planting in the small edible and flower garden [From: Landsystems & Associates]
Lovely bronze water trough beds used for a smart edible garden
Metallic containers for the small edible garden with flowers and vegetable plants [From: Danielle Sykes Photography]
Stacked stone shapes the edible garden in this Mediterranean style setting [From: Nicolock Paving Stones and Retaining Walls]
A series of raised beds can help you with the organization of the edible garden [From: Conte & Conte]

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