Bringing a dash of Italian flair, charm and delicacy to a rapidly expanding neighborhood in the French city of Lyon is Piada. This tiny and engaging restaurant that specializes in serving authentic Italian delicacies is no more than just 40 square meters in size. It might not be a fancy, huge and sophisticated space. But Piada makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm, plenty of color, golden glint and design ingenuity that is mixed with a healthy splattering of green. Step into this ‘trinket of Italy’ surrounded by France and you will instantly sense the magic in the air!

Illuminated message on the wall adds to the Italian flavor of the restaurant

Designed by Masquespacio to reflect the food philosophy of owners Arthur and Mathilde, the restaurant feels like a cheerful, eclectic and inviting space full of fervor. One of the first things you notice here is the use of multi-colored plush cushions shaped like bread loafs, giving the sitting area an identity of its own. An additional layer of green comes in with indoor plants while the dazzling bar lamp fixtures add golden magic inspired by vintage Italian design.

Arcs with mirrors, tile, terracotta and wood are combined with plenty of brightness and pizazz to deliver an experience that the customer never forgets. If you love a restaurant with an over-the-top interior and serves up tasty Italian cuisine, then this hangout in Lyon is a must try! [Photographs: Luis Beltran]

Gorgeous and cheerful interior of Piada in Lyon
Greenery, colorful cushions and golden lamps rolled into one!
Restaurant brings a bit of Italy to the French city of Lyon
Arches, bright tiles and golden lamps used for the service area
Contemporary Italian restaurant in the city of Lyon

Arthur and Mathilde’s mother had a dream about their children bringing a part of her native Italy to the French city Lyon, through the traditional receipt for “piadinas”, a flatbread made of flour that can be used as a side dish or stuffed with typical ingredients from the Italian gastronomy like ham, mozzarella and tomato.

Golden bar lamps bring classic Italian charm to the French neighborhood
Use of colorful rainbow cushions shaped like bread loafs gives the interior a charming vibe
Colorful and eclectic Italian restaurant in France!

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