Q-yachts Q30: the future of electric boating with a minimalist design

after a decade of dreaming and developing, janne kjellman – founder of Q-yachts – has finally realized a silent propulsion system for boats. the Q30 is an 100% electric motor yacht which matches its forward thinking engineering with a clean, minimal aesthetic. from the hull to the cabins below deck, the design is decked in white that highlights the exterior’s sharp style and the spaciousness of the interiors. if that was not advanced enough, then the touch screen operations on board tops it off.

all images courtesy of Q yachts

the Q-yachts Q30 follows the brand’s vision of, ‘enjoy the journey, not just the destination’. the future of electric boating was achieved thanks to the electric oceanvolt that, with the help of a 30kWh lithium battery pack, provides the smoothest and most silent motor around. it delivers a cruising speed and range of 9 knots and 42/80nm, and a max speed of 15 knots and range of 22/40nm respectively. the yacht features a hydro-dynamically optimized efficient hull that produces minimal wakes to offer pure comfort, quietness and elegance.

top view of the ultra-clean boat

a view beneath the deck

the yacht can be controlled via touch screen operations

the multi-functional beach deck at the rear of the water vehicle

the cabin below deck follows the exterior’s clean white design

the interior feels very spacious and open