There is no shortage of amazing views when it comes to the beautiful Mercer Island in Seattle and it is on a hillside lot next to Lake Washington that one finds the lovely Mercer Modern designed by Wittman Estes Architecture + Landscape. An aged midcentury home, the residence was redone while keeping its bones intact and using them for the new structure. The revitalized house feels fresh, inviting and elegant with many of the original midcentury traits kept intact and enhanced. The house occupies almost 16,000 square foot of space and contains everything from relaxing guest spaces and home office to a lavish pool and a spacious deck.

Living room of the remodeled midcentury modern home on Mercer Island overlooking Lake Washington

Inside the house one can see the lovely use of wood and white color scheme in both the public and private spaces. Finishes feel rich and diverse with oak wood, Carrara marble, dazzling brass fixtures and leather seats combining to create a luxurious and welcoming world. You can see wood being used to demarcate space in the open plan living and dining areas and it also connects the interior with the decks and patios outside visually. Smart shelves, cabinets and seats with built-in storage maximize space in kitchen, dining area and breakfast nook even as sliding glass doors with aluminum frames connect the interior with the spacious deck outside.

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Dining room of the house with comfy design and gallery wall
Gorgeous private wooden deck of the Midcentury house
Multi-sliding doors with aluminum frames connect the kitchen and dining space with deck outside
Natural wood and leather seating with storage and space-savvy design
Remodeled kitchen and dining room of the midcentury home in wood and white
Revamped midcentury home with a view of lake
Stunning view of Lake Washington from the Midcentury home

Each room flows into the next and one can see the common theme of midcentury modern throughout. Sophisticated, cheerful and ergonomic, this is a house where various elements come together beautifully! [Photography: Rafael Soldi]

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Brilliant blend of marble, oak and metal in the kitchen
Built-in seats on either side connect the kitchen with the deck outside
Carrara marble and oak kitchen of the Midcentury home
Cedar slat walls for the private deck in wood
Dining room of the house in white and wood
Floor plan of Mercer Modern overlooking Lake Washington

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