Saint Haven by GURNER Group – Project Feature – The Local Project

At the helm of Saint Haven’s interior design is GURNER Group’s Interior Design Director, Simon Brugaletta. He draws on his experience working for practices in Milan, Malta and Hangzhou, China. As such, in imagining the concept of Saint Haven, it is evident that the highly evocative and atmospheric internal spaces take design cues from Northern Italy’s ancient grottos and spas, New York’s private clubs and Thailand’s health retreats, alongside the Soho House model.

GURNER Group’s intent to deliver a carefully curated experience in terms of amenities naturally extends to delivering a considered aesthetic and immersive ambience. For example, personalised health data is collected via Oura Ring to personalise training and recovery programs, whilst the arrival journey offers a warm embrace through soft lighting and intimate dimensions – every detail speaks to one goal. GURNER Group CEO and Saint Haven Founder and Director, Tim Gurner, says, “The community is crying out for modern private clubs where members can socialise in an environment that is relaxed, luxurious, comfortable and focused on health and wellness.”