Maximizing space does not mean you give up on aesthetics. This fabulous apartment in Beijing showcases how to get the job done as it turns a relatively small urban apartment into a charming and light-filled modern urban home. Built for a family of three, this Chinese apartment was designed by Hao Design keeping in mind the specific needs of the family that resides within. With homeowners who spend plenty of time within the confines of the apartment and bring work home regularly, it was important to create an effective, efficient and yet relaxing interior. The Starburst House accomplishes this using a backdrop that is neutral and still has ample textural contrast.

Open plan living area on the lower level of the Beijing apartment

The lower level of the apartment contains the living area, kitchen and dining space along with the kids’ room and play area. It is the top mezzanine floor that holds the master bedroom, bathroom and the study. A series of smart, space-savvy open bookshelves line the landing area of the mezzanine floor and offer ample storage space. Even on the lower level, space is maximized using modular wooden cabinets, a single-wall kitchen and a living room that borrows heavily from Scandinavian style.

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View of the light-filled living area from the mezzanine floor
Wood and weathered tiles on the wall add warmth to the apartment interior
Dining area of the space-savvy Chinese apartment
Fabulous and space-savvy Beijing apartment design with mezzanine level
Gorgeous and space-conscious apartment design with mezzanine level bedroom
Minimal living room has a Scandinavian style about it
Single wall kitchen design for the small modern apartment
Staircase and floor brings concrete charm to the interior
Utilizing space under the mezzanine level inside the modern urban apartment

White tiles wit distressed finish on the walls, concrete floors and staircase and wooden cabinets along with the large glass windows make sure there is no monotony despite the minimal use of color. Smart and innovative ideas like the playzone crafted using colorful orange curtains, chalkboards walls in the kids’ room and bright curtains replacing bathroom doors put the final touches on an apartment that is anything but mundane.

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Space-savvy use of open shelves for the mezzanine level study and bedroom
Study zone on the upper mezzanine level next to bedroom
Tufted headboard wall for the contemporary bedroom in white
Use of curtains instead of traditional doors saves precious space on the mezzanine level
Using curtains to create a smart playzone shaped like a tent

The mezzanine design gives an open public space, retaining the ceiling structure and height, and promoting visual penetration. The children’s room is under the stairs, which prevents the children from moving, and can also extend the fun of the secret base. There are shoes and chairs in the entrance area, and the entrance table is convenient for hanging on the left side. The schoolbags that children can come back from school can also be hung at a suitable height, and the storage is more flexible.

Blues and greens add brightness to the bedroom in white with slanted ceiling
Ceiling windows bring ample light in to the kids’ playroom with chalkboard wall
Combining the laundry and the bathroom designs to save space
Custom wooden decor along with natural greenery for the refined modern bedroom
Hint of green for the modern minimal bathroom in neutral hues
Mezzanine level bookshelf makes use of space with ease
Minimal and modern kids’ playroom with pops of bright color
Slanted ceiling allows the architects to experiment with the mezzanine level design

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