In modern homes, nothing is more essential than space and how it is utilized makes or breaks the look of the interior. In small kitchens, every inch matters. While most people view wall-mounted cabinets, sleek open shelves and mobile islands as the perfect way to maximize space, there are still plenty of other options that bring style in a space-savvy fashion. One such smart idea is the tiny breakfast zone in the small kitchen that removes the need for an additional dining room in apartments built for a couple. Even if you have an additional guest, these modest dining areas can accommodate them with ease and they do so without taking up too much additional square footage.

Tiny kitchen in white with pops of green and small breakfast zone [From: Bjurfors Göteborg]

Some of our readers might question the sanity of adding a breakfast zone in the already small kitchen. But in urban homes where homeowners cannot really spare another room or even a corner in the living room for dining purposes, this idea comes in pretty handy. You can utilize an area of the kitchen that would otherwise be forgotten and serving also becomes a whole lot easier in here! Irrespective of the style and theme of your kitchen, these breakfast nooks find space pretty much everywhere.

Turn to Corners for Help

There is nothing like adding a breakfast nook to the kitchen corner when it comes to maximizing space without altering the current kitchen setup drastically. In most kitchens one or two corners are often under-utilized or just left vacant. Instead of filling the corner with a potted plant, add a small table and a couple of chairs to instantly create a cool breakfast zone. You can even consider the idea of banquette seating that feels even cozier and the area underneath can provide additional storage space. Be it banquette seating or just a round table with twin chairs, the corer breakfast zone is an idea every kitchen can benefit from.

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Turning the corner of the small New York kitchen into a lovely breakfast zone [From: Richard Massa Architect]
Ultra-tiny banquette in the corner used as breakfast zone for couple [From: Studio ATARA]
Accent stone wall and space-savvy design ensure that this kitchen stands out from the crowd [From: Kitchens International]

White Comes to the Rescue

We love how a white kitchen is often the solution to most of our space and decorating problems! Even in the case of tiny kitchens with breakfast zones, keeping the backdrop white or using colors like gray in lighter shades offers a great backdrop that creates visual space. The breakfast zone in here can also add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space as you usher in a couple of bight and bold chairs. It can also blend into the backdrop if necessary and you have a kitchen that is much more functional, brighter and spacious.

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Sliding glass doors connect the kitchen with the outdoors as breezy beach style sets the tone [From: Dyer Studio Inc]
Folding table coupled with twin chairs inside the small kitchen shapes a smart breakfast zone [From: Oikos]
Monochromatic kitchen with colorful chairs for the breakfast zone [From: Fredric Boukari Photography]

Maximizing Space in Style

You will notice that adding the breakfast nook to the kitchen is not limited by the style choice you make. Industrial style kitchens benefit from chairs in bar stools in metal and wood at the breakfast bar while rattan chairs look more at ease in beach style and shabby chic kitchens. Smart modern bar stools in contemporary kitchens that can be tucked away when not in use bring additional convenience and you can even use this space as home workspace as you multi-task!

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Small island serves also as breakfast zone in the tiny kitchen
Breakfast zone in the kitchen that can also be used as home office [From: B Interior]
Small breakfast zone inside the stylish contemporary kitchen of LA home [From: Black Lacquer Design]

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