We have always admired the way in which modern home office have evolved from the decades of the boring cubicles to spaces that feel fun-filled and stimulating. The trend has been truly revolutionary at times with smart offices now seeming more and more like contemporary homes with extended work areas. The Patreon Office designed by Gensler is one such gorgeous creation in San Francisco that combines creativity with relaxing panache and plenty of modernity. Started in 2013, Patreon brings together artists, musicians and creative folk from different backdrop. Its latest headquarters is the perfect hub for all the bustling activity.

New Office of Patreon in San Francisco designed by Gensler

The smart design of the new office occupying a space of 41,000 square feet blends a dash of industrial style with contemporary finishes and a neutral color scheme. The central work area feels like a spacious, open living room of a modern house and a vaulted ceiling with glass panes brings in plenty of natural light. Smaller, more secure workspaces with pops of colors, recording studios and other artistic areas have been combined efficiently in here and one zone flows into the next. The entire Patreon headquarters feels like a sophisticated hub that brings together and nurtures a community of artists. [Photography: Emily Hagopian]

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Entrance of the spacious Patreon Office in San Francisco
Glass walls connect the private workspace with the larger workzone
Living room vibe of the office in San Francisco that promotes creative arts
Minimal and uncomplicated aesthetics of the Patreon Office by Gensler
Modern industrial office space in San Francisco
Open design of the vaulted roof in glass brings in ample ventilation

The Gensler team, fully engaging with Patreon’s passion and mission, created an environment that fits the company’s needs, supports their community, and demonstrates their new status as a mature organization. The entire space reflects Patreon’s focus on community, with distinct “neighborhood” aesthetics to provide a variety of moods, lighting, and levels of energy.

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Private and relaxing workspaces inside the large office area
Circular windows and concrete walls inside the modern minimal office
Contemporary design of Patrean Office in San Francisco
Bathrooms in black and white at the Patreon Office

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