Remember the time when brick and stone were simply not fashionable? It was not ages ago; we are taking about the 90’s and early 2000’s. We were obsessed with polished finishes and anything that felt raw, natural and untamed as relegated to the backdrop. Not anymore with the likes of concrete, brick and stone making a comeback. While the two former elements are more at home in industrial settings, stone walls have made the journey indoors and are increasingly becoming a vital part of rustic, farmhouse, traditional and Mediterranean styled rooms. Even more intriguing is their foray into contemporary settings – a marvel in its own right!

Colorful and eclectic kitchen with lovely stone walls

Maybe it is our desire to reconnect with nature once again, maybe it is the timeless appeal of stone or just its varied textural brilliance – no matter what your reason is, indoor stone walls are currently a hot trend and catching on. But how do you work it into the overall thematic and give your home a more curated appeal? We are here to help with ideas, inspirations and tips that get the job done with style and elegance galore –

1. Allowing for a Style Change

You will inevitably bring a slight change in the style of your existing room if you are going to add a stone wall to it. That is of course, at the very least with larger stone walls making a bigger visual impact. The best way forward is to embrace this change in style by turning to styles that combine modernity with rustic, farmhouse, traditional or even eclectic touches. Alter the lighting fixtures in the room and go more classic. Bring in wooden elements such as ceiling beams of traditional shelving. In the bathroom it could be a metallic, vintage bathtub. Allow for that slight tweak in overall style and ambiance.

Cozy bathroom with rough cut stone walls and wooden ceiling beams
Mediterranean and rustic bedroom with elegant stone walls
Bathroom stone wall idea
Bringing luxury to the bathroom with captivating stone wall

2. The Ideal Accent Wall

Stone accent walls are a touch rarer than their more popular brick cousins and this makes them even more special. Just like brick veneer, natural stone veneer also offers an easy alternative for homeowners just starting with stone walls. Not all of us are blessed with homes that have original stone wall sections and you can even combine this accent wall with stone walls outside for a smarter home.

Amazing blend of minimalism with traditional stone wall in the dining room
Contemporary bedroom with stone accent wall
Skylights and contemporary style for the bathroom with stone accent wall

3. Contrast with Textural Charm

Stone walls in industrial settings can be combined with brick and metal without any hassle. In farmhouse and rustic spaces, wood is their undoubted best pal. In carefully curated eclectic settings color can take over from textures, but bringing all the elements here can be a real challenge at the best of times. Stone walls vary from the dramatic to the understated and the classic to the contemporary – but they always deliver plenty of textural punch!

Stunning view of the sea from the bedroom
Warm and inviting bedroom with beautiful stone walls
Delightful stone walls with small niches for lighting
Stone walls work with a variety of decorating styles

4. Start Small and Stylish!

We did talk about natural stone veneer earlier and it does allow one to start small in an existing home where you want to add a stone wall section. We always suggest you first try out the classic stone fireplace design in the bedroom or the living room as it is a feature you can easily fall in love with and live with. If you are absolutely sure that you want more of natural stone indoors, you can branch out and expand. Starting small is always the best option for tentative and fickle decorators.

Who says stone walls do not look that great in modern office spaces!
Stone wall with fireplace is a classic in the bedroom that never disappoints

5. Modernity intertwined with Originality

We love homes where stone wall sections are cleverly and diligently combined with smart contemporary finishes. This is where you want to keep the rest of the room as modern as possible and the stone wall section needs to complement the neutral color already present. Even if you are using it as an accent feature, make sure that it feels organic and even give it a coat of white paint ever so gently to create a look of cohesion. This might take away from some of the original textural charm, but it enhances the visual appeal of the space.

Exposed natural rock beats all else in this awesome bathroom
Modern kitchen with stone wall in the backdrop
Combining contemporary surfaces and finishes with stone wall sections in the kitchen

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