studio to po ma scatters clustered ‘tidal house’ across netherlands’ texel island

the tidal house overlooks the dunes of texel island

Dutch practice studio to po ma takes to The Netherlands‘ Texel Island to complete this Tidal House, an exploration of prefabricated design and the interplay between materials and program. The multifunctional project combines both a living space and a separate practice area with a waiting room. Tidal House is strategically positioned at the convergence of a rural expanse that gracefully transitions into woods, dunes, and the vast North Sea. Its design philosophy draws inspiration from the organic rhythms of nature, suggesting a group of objects left behind by the tides. The scattered volumes exhibit a subtle interplay of rotation and shift, creating interstitial spaces that open toward the surrounding landscape. This organization allows for an ever-evolving interplay of light, and a shifting relationship with the interiors.

studio to po maimages © Lars van Es

closed-off volumes open onto the landscape

From the perspective of the narrow road on the street side, the sculptural volumes of studio to po ma’s Tidal House appear closed-off, concealing the private realms within. On the garden side, a contrast emerges where expansive windows and sliding doors establish an unobstructed connection with the surrounding landscape. This deliberate design choice allows occupants to immersing themselves in the seasonal transformations of the natural environment, framing the shifting landscapes beyond.

One of the defining features of the house is the unique character of each volume within. A horizontal division at a height of 2.4 meters (8 feet), marked by a shift in materials, elegantly demarcates the interior spaces. This transition encompasses birch plywood, stucco, and steel beams, orchestrating an experiential journey through the house. The interior becomes a curated landscape of spaces and transitions, where the choice of materials plays a pivotal role in defining each area’s atmosphere.

studio to po ma
the multifunctional project combines both a living space and a separate ‘practice area’

prefabricated design by studio to po ma

Tidal House takes shape with sustainability at its core, with an array of eco-conscious features woven into its design. The structure boasts a prefabricated timber frame, sustainable modified wood cladding for its facade and window frames, and a roof cover crafted from recycled aluminum. Natural ventilation, a concrete floor for heat retention, and re-used travertine floor tiles further contribute to its sustainability credentials. To top it off, the house operates entirely on electricity, with energy generated from built-in solar panels on the shed’s roof and supplemented by an air-to-water heat pump.

studio to po ma
the home overlooks the surrounding woods, dunes, and the North Sea beyond studio to po ma
the team at studio to po ma makes use of recycled materials, solar panels, and natural ventilation

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