TOWOdesign integrates activities in various ‘function boxes’ for 48-sqm apartment in shanghai

TOWOdesign has integrated the various activities of this 48-sqm apartment in central shanghai within several ‘function boxes’, which are rotated by 10° to avoid blocking the overall spatial flow. central to the apartment is a yellow kitchen cabinet, whilst the ‘leftover space’ between the different boxes offers an ideal solution for innovative activity areas to take place, such as in the case of the box for resting, where the architects have installed a staircase with hidden storage cabinets.

the 10 degree rotation results in a spacious environment
all photos courtesy of TOWOdesign

while respecting the nature of the space, TOWOdesign has enlarged the interior through creative and practical design methods. the storage area occupies the largest volume in the apartment, while it is also interspersed in other functional boxes in various ways, such as hidden, push-pull, and display versions. the open kitchen, folding dining table, and hidden toilet also maximize the use and sense of space, along with various mirror elements. keeping in mind that in china it is a taboo for people to see themselves in mirrors while lying in bed, the architects have cleverly positioned the mirrors in such an angle that they satisfy the visual spatial extension, while avoiding mirror interference in daily life.

the yellow kitchen box together with the cabinets becomes the center of the space

space between bathroom box and cooking box is the kitchen

parts of the original pillars and walls are left exposed to show the original outline of the building

the sleeping box is covered in wood surfaces for a warm feel

the organic flow of spaces creates a sense of openness

space is reflected in the mirror

leftover space in the living room features a triangular-shaped light box

the living room with natural sunlight

basic interface of the living room is formed by the box for entertainment and the kitchen box

hiding the air conditioner and wardrobe in the 10-degree, leftover space

extension of the pillar in the mirror

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edited by: sofia lekka angelopoulou | designboom