Not every home is built on a perfectly square and even lot where everything is all too straightforward. In fact, some of the most beautiful and exceptional residences were born because of challenging topography. Villa Ellsinger in Gothenburg falls in the latter category as the architect duo who inhabit it created a stunning space that sits neatly on a series of 17 sleek and stylish metallic columns. The glitter of metal does not stop here as you have an eye-catching aluminum exterior that covers the house and gives it a durable and low-maintenance cover. Designed by Ellsinger Arkibad, it is white, wood and cork that shape the interior of this light-filled, cheerful home.

Unique and creative design of Villa Ellsinger designed by Ellsinger Arkibad in Gothenburg

A central atrium and deck provide sitting space next to the living area even as a staircase leads to the entry. Granite rocks on the lot are left largely undisturbed thanks to the use of super-slim supporting beams with natural greenery around the home adding to the exceptional charm. Pink accents add color to an otherwise neutral setting with glass walls creating visual connectivity with the outdoors. Warm lighting and functional Scandinavian style décor complete this fabulous residence. [Photography: Åke E:son Lindman]

Cantilevered home leaves the largely irregular plot untouched thanks to the use of slim pillars
Custom home exterior crafted from aluminum is weather-proof and gives it a unique patina
Aluminum creates a lovely outer layer for the house that is easy to maintain
Atrium on the upper level of the house ushers in natural light
Cork floor of the kitchen with white countertops and appliances

Since everything is fitted on one floor, it was important to create a light source in the centre of the building with the help of the atrium, home to the family’s private courtyard. This also meant four new facades and with it a more flexible and efficient way of using the space. It not only gives light but also a pleasant coolness during warmer periods.

Warm lighting illuminates the interior of the house while adding to the facade
Wood, white and cork shape the interior of the house
Entry to the cantilevered home in Gothenburg
Light-filled and cheerful white and wood interior of the house
Sleek pillars anchor the house into granite rocks on the lot

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