wearable robot arms that move like spider legs prepare human interaction with cyborgs

Jizai Arms mimic the arm and hand movement

Welcome to the world of cyborgs where Jizai Arms, a set of four robotic limbs injected in a wearable backpack, prepare citizens joining the terminator realm to joyfully interact with the humanoid robots. Produced by a research team at the University of Tokyo, Jizai Arms move with grace and stretch their limbs like spider legs as body movement triggers their motions.

In a video released by the research team, two dancers delicately perform a series of steps that the robot arms attempt to imitate. From behind, the backpack is plugged into an outlet that powers up the robotic limbs. The research team states that its supernumerary robotic limb system consists of a wearable base unit with up to six terminals and detachable robot arms.

‘The system was designed to enable social interaction between multiple wearers, such as an exchange of arms, and explore possible interactions between digital cyborgs in a cyborg society,’ the research team adds. Aside from being potentially used in engaging with humanoid robots living in an android-crafted society, the entrance of Jizai Arms may enable people with mobility issues to assist them in actions and movements that require the dexterity of arms, hands, and fingers.

jizai arms robotic limbs
images courtesy of Jizai Arms

Multipurpose robot limbs to assist humans 

Jizai Arms can be worn by two people, each backpack having four or more sockets for the limbs, and used to offer consolation to the other person by means of embracing or to assist them by reaching and grabbing objects that are far from their reach but within the grasp of the robot arms. The robotic limbs form part of the research team’s Jizai Body project which aims to make full use of wearable technology by perusing and employing robotics engineering and control technology to create devices that people may attach to their bodies for multiple purposes.

The research team, whose study has been published, states that half a century has already passed since the concept of cyborgs was first proposed. Today, an in-depth look into the possibility of drawing design elements upon the humanoid realm has taken place. Part of the goal is to help real humans in their daily lives through the use of technology and engineering in materializing these future-forward objects. One of them is the set of robotic limbs in Jizai Arms whose swap-ready feature can allow multiple wearers to have more or less of the limbs.

jizai arms robotic limbs
the robot arms move like spider legs

jizai arms robotic limbs
the robot arms follow the arm and hand movement of the wearer

jizai arms robotic limbs
the wearable backpack has six sockets for the limbs

jizai arms robotic limbs
the wires are encased within the arms’ surface

jizai arms robotic limbs
even the hands of the robot arm mimic those of the humans

jizai arms robotic limbs
Jizai Arms attempt to imitate the dancer’s motion

jizai arms robotic limbs
the research team states that the system was designed to enable social interaction between multiple wearers

jizai arms robotic limbs
the research team also says that the robot arms explore possible interactions between digital cyborgs in a cyborg society

project info:

name: Jizai Arms

institution: University of Tokyo

team: Nahoko Yamamura + Daisuke Uryu + Mitsuru Muramatsu + Yusuke Kamiyama + Makoto Sakamoto + Shunji Yamanaka

research director: Masahiko Inami

matthew burgos | designboom

may 18, 2023

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