Bondi is a name that is renowned for sun, sand and surf, but there are other delights to explore here as well and many of them involve culinary delights that you can rarely experience elsewhere. Totti’s Restaurant offers a perfect space for one such tasty evening out with textured walls and pops of color that make a big difference. Designed by Akin Atelier, this is a restaurant where neutral colors, a warm ambiance and loads of greenery play a major role in the overall shaping of the ambiance inside. This is extended outside with a courtyard dining area that adds to the overall eating experience and makes your evening here even more special.

Lighting brought in by the opening in the ceiling adds to the ventilation

The 185-square meter restaurant was transformed using simple and elegant tones while the classic appeal of exposed wooden beams and ceiling makes it even better. Smart voids and other ventilation ducts bring in ample natural light whenever needed while the custom joinery, unique terrazzo benchtops and specially crafted tables complete the setting. A giant 50-year old olive tree in the courtyard and other plants turn this lovely little restaurant into a refreshing and seemingly casual hangout. [Photography: Murray Fredericks]

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Modern restaurant in Bondi Beach with white and green palette
Orange plays a major role in creating a bright and smart interior
Rustic finishes give the dining area a classic appeal
Totti’s courtyard adds greenery to the setting
Totti’s Restaurant in Bondi mixes the old with the new
Wood white and green shape a lovely courtyard dining area that is relaxing

The cantina opens out to Totti’s courtyard. The outdoor space adopts a peaceful palette of mostly whites & greens drenched in sunlight that filters through the two 50-year old olive trees planted during the rebuild to create privacy from the neighboring residential block.

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Wooden ceiling for the restaurant gives it a classy, aged look
50-year old Olive tree for the garden sitting area
Different textured finishes inside the restaurant give it a smart appeal
Green and orange add color to the interior
Lighting gives the sitting area a relaxing appeal

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