A town just north of Barcelona and renowned for its old world charm and timeless buildings spread all across the beautiful town, Sant Cugat del Vallès is where you would find the gorgeous Casa EP15340 designed by Ambit. The classic home was reinvented and renovated completely to suit the more modern lifestyle of its homeowners. On the outside, the street façade still feels largely timeless with its textured walls being disturbed by only the black modern door and windows. Step inside and this blend of the old and new is continued as brick walls, wooden ceiling and other classic elements are seamlessly intertwined with polished modern finishes in white and gray.

Gray couch and cabinets in the kitchen help shape a neutral backdrop that also merges with brick walls

The single family home opens up completely towards the rear, private yard that contains a small wooden deck and a pool. With the living area, dining space and kitchen being connected with the landscape outside, the rejuvenated Spanish residence feels cheerful and bright. Natural light penetrates into the deepest parts of the house with rooms like the entry and the bathroom featuring skylights that add to the sense of openness. In every room of the house, exposed brick walls make a big difference and they have been preserved and enhanced carefully by the architects.

Classic street facade of Casa 15340 with black doors and a hint of modernity in Sant Cugat del Vallès
Skylight brings natural light into the entry in white, brick and wood
Loft level home office and reading space
Exquisite dining room filled with natural light combines contemporary design with beautiful brick walls
Bedroom on the lower level of the house connected with the rear garden
Gorgeous and private rear yard of the home with a lovely deck and small pool
Simple covering offers shade for the outdoor dining and area and the rear deck

In the bedrooms, custom designed lofts function as home offices, reading nooks and other private areas, providing more functionality in a limited area. Engaging, charming and innovative, this is a makeover that is as aesthetic as it is practical!

Fabulous reading and family room with comfy seating, brick walls and wooden ceiling
Home office of the residence with a modern workspace and beautiful brick walls
Tiny bedroom with loft level makes smart use of limited space
Turning the niche into the bedroom into a lovely home office fully of textural charm
Cork-covered walls give the home a quirky surface that is as beautiful as brick and wood walls
Corridor leading to different rooms inside the house

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