waterfrom design transforms a 30-year old factory specializing in water dispenser production and sales, to fit the younger, and more fashionable management of its second generation ownership. the project’s concept is based on the process of water filtration, where vertical and horizontal routes pass through and overlap, and light materials such as barcode glass and mesh are used to separate the different spaces in the factory.

waterfrom uses transparent plastic sheets and mesh to renovate 30-year old factory

the stainless steel, block-shaped structure at the entrance is polished by hand while next to it, the light-emitting recycling building, made from transparent plastic sheets, welcomes visitors in the front courtyard. the architects have covered the reception counter and outdoor signboard wall in wave-patterned cement, which, along with the wall layered in filtering activated carbon, begins to narrate the story of the space. table lamps and railings are decorated with bright and saturated colors, while the spatial direction and linear rhythm are guided through the layout of work tables, pipelines, and steel beams.

the factory’s base, which was originally used as storage, features semi-transparent, U shaped glass, replacing the iron sheets and windows at the front, and thus eliminating the common issue of factories being dark. the structure and layout of the old building has been retained, while shifting lights pass through its glass wall in a composition of rosy hues. together with the rich colors of the factory wall next to it, they form a modern façade.

in the middle of the space, the glass laboratory features a table made from steel, veneer, and hollow boards, symbolizing the corporate culture of innovation and research & development, showing the dynamic process through a circular route surrounded by lamps. exposed gray pipes and colored glass in the block-shaped office space above create a view similar to filters, and increase the spatial depth and temperature of the second floor. the hand-painted curved wall of the hallway and the lights hanging in the rest area represent deconstructed symbols of water twisting, turning, and overflowing.

waterfrom uses transparent plastic sheets and mesh to renovate 30-year old factory

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edited by: sofia lekka angelopoulou | designboom