A blend of the classic and the contemporary, the Cedar Lodges in Winchester, Hampshire feel modern and timeless at the same time. Designed by Adam Knibb Architects, these lovely British homes have a pod-like design on the outside when it comes to lower level while the upper space has a gable roof that gives it a unique appeal. The two houses have been covered using wood and zinc on the outside with the lower level holding the kitchen, dining area and living room and the upper level having two bedrooms, bathrooms and other private spaces. With the rectangular structures having place underneath for parking, there is no shortage of space here!

The Cedar Lodges in WInchester, UK with gabled roofs and wood exterior

Controlled views combined with smart ventilation ensure that the homeowners have the perfect balance between privacy and a flood of natural light. Vertical timber cladding stands in contrast to the zinc roof and the glass windows that add to the appeal of the façade. On the inside, we have a wood and white color scheme taking over even as the décor is kept simple and minimal. Even though the plot is narrow, the houses maximize the space inside making most of every available inch. [Photography: Martin Gardner]

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Dashing wood exterior of the new Winchester homes
Space underneath the homes can be used for parking while the homes feel polished
Stylish gray couches in the living room of the British home
Timber pods on the lower level create a cool contemporary look for the homes
Closer look at the exterior of the Cedar Lodges
Contemporary interior of the homes in white and wood with smart stone island

The developer didn’t have a particular specification in mind about what type of house it should be, which was good because it allowed us to think quite dramatically about what we could put into the area to enhance it. The project team worked closely with the developers and local planners to create a building they felt could become a case study promoting contemporary architecture in the area.

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Ground floor plan of the Cedar Lodges in Winchester
Sectional view of the Cedar Lodges
First floor design plan of The Cedar Lodges

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