Originally built in the 1930’s this tiny revamped apartment in Barcelona sits on top of a building that is a stone’s throw away from the coastline. Inside the apartment, it is white, brick and wood that dominate the setting as the Mezzanine House Refurbishment by Sergi Pons architects creates more space and visual lightness with innovative solutions. The apartment has just 60 square feet of space on the inside while the loft bedroom above adds additional room with ease. The mezzanine level makes most of the vertical space on offer with kitchen and dining area below.

White, wood and brick apartment in Barcelona

White and brick help create a backdrop that is neutral, simple and has plenty of textural contrast at the same time. Feeling monochromatic at times and yet creative, wood accents coupled with white are accentuated by décor and accessories in the same color palette. The apartment was designed for the use of a globe-trotting young Catalan who spends most of his time in Bali. This means emphasis was placed on making the apartment as uncomplicated as possible with focus being place on just the basics.

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Space-savvy design of the apartment in Barcelona with mezzanine level
Upper level mezzanine of the small Barcelona apartment
View of the lower level living area from the mezzanine above
Wall painted in white along with ceiling beams and brick wall section for the small bedroom
All-white kitchen under the mezzanine level with wooden ceiling above

A tranquil sleeping area, flood of natural light and smart storage solutions put the final touches on an apartment that combines the past and the present in a seamless fashion. A tiny apartment that works wonders using limited resource! [Photography: Yago Partal]

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Bar stools in wood and white complement the overall appeal of the kitchen
Beautiful pendants in white add to the color scheme of the apartment
Floor plan of the tiny Mezzanine home in Barcelona revamped for modern living
Sectional view of Mezzanine House Refurbishment in Barcelona

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