Maximizing space is a big part of urban design and in the kitchens it is even more essential to make use of every inch on offer. If there is one city in the world which epitomizes the concept of ‘vertical living’ that makes most of limited square footage, then it is undoubtedly New York. It is a city that is as renowned for its high-end real estate as it is for sparkling nightlife and a skyline that is truly iconic. It is also a city that has given birth to many different decorating styles from neighborhoods like SoHo, Tribeca, NoHo and Williamsburg. Each one has its own distinct identity that is anchored in diverse history ranging from an industrial past to multi-cultural roots of its denizens.

Brilliant teal cabinets steal the show in this lovely New York kitchen with light blue walls and sconce lights [From: Isabella Patrick Interior Design]

This is what makes every home in New York City so very special and many homeowners are inspired by the uniqueness and ‘apparent ease’ of these chic and trendy spaces. Having already shared with you the best small bedrooms of NYC, today we step into the world of NYC small kitchens and explore what makes them an absolute treat! From the eclectic to the understated, the modern to industrial, this is a look at 20 best inspirations from the world’s most beloved city –

Embracing Beauty of White

This is one idea that works everywhere in the world and the small kitchens of New York City apartments are no different in this regard – it is to use a backdrop that is largely anchored in white. What you can do in here to usher in a bit of contrast is to use different finishes and textures ranging from the exposed brick wall to wooden ceiling beams and a bit of concrete charm. The best kitchens from the city turn their lack of space into an advantage with a cool setting where there is visual interest created using multiple finishes and a peak at the city skyline, wherever possible. You see that distinctive NYC style in every one of them – an ‘it’ factor that eludes definition at times.

Eat-in kitchens in black and white are a popular choice in New York homes and bring back images of a nostalgic past! [From: Alicia Kinloch Interior Design]
Finding space for that small breakfast zone inside the tiny New York City kitchen [From: Richard Massa Architect]
Midtown apartment kitchen in New York that maximizes space with ample shelving and a backdrop in white [From: Merve Kahraman Products & Interiors]
Monochromatic kitchen in white of apartment in Greenwich with bar stools that provide visual contrast [From: kimberly peck architect]
Sliding barn door connects the elegant little kitchen with the bedroom next to it
Black and white kitchen with floor tiles that add unique geometric pattern to it
Bright and white small Scandinavian kitchen of New York home with smart design [From: Fireclay Tile]

Color with Modern Sophistication

We love how most kitchens from the city use color in a very specific and ‘deliberate’ fashion instead of just filling up the kitchen with multiple hues and accents. Since the space is limited, it is best to use no more than three colors to shape the backdrop. In the kitchen, you already have kitchenware and fixtures that bring in more contrast and this means more visual fragmentation of the limited room available. A Color block strategy is a popular one in many New York kitchens and you can use bar stools, the kitchen backsplash, or pendant lights to achieve this. Whether you love a small kitchen with colorful accents or one in just one solid, bold color, there is plenty of inspiration to draw from in here –

Dark navy blue and white kitchen feels both contemporary and nautical at the same time
Eclectic blend of blue and orange inside the vivacious NYC kitchen with ample storage space
Small and stylish contemporary kitchen with dark blue cabinets and kitchen island along with white countertops [From: CAVdesign]
Small beach style kitchen with bright orangey-red cabinets and white backsplash [From: Moises Esquenazi & Associates]
A touch of purple at the end of the kitchen peninsula still manages to grab your attention
Blue block of the kitchen island is the only color you find in this white transitional style kitchen [From: A&B Contracting Co]

Finding Space for Multiple Styles

Do not limit yourself to styles like modern and Scandinavian just because you have a small kitchen since there are plenty of other options out there that are equally captivating and functional. One style that is a hit in many NYC homes is modern industrial and here you can combine two contrasting styles to offer the best of ergonomics and practicality. Even styles like shabby chic and eclectic find a place in here as long as you do not fill the kitchen with too much contrast.

Manhattan kitchen embraces modern industrial style with polished panache [From: Bilotta Kitchens]
Modern New York City apartment kitchen with a distinct farmhouse style
Rug in red brings a bright splash of color to this kitchen in white inside classic NYC townhouse [From: Dynamic Architectural Windows & Doors]
Stainless steel and white shape a fabulous and understated kitchen inside an apartment in Greenwich Village
Even the tiniest of kitchens can feel full of life when done right!
Finding space for twin sinks and a separate prep zone inside the tiny apartment kitchen [From: Emergent Form Architecture]

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