We love an element of surprise when it comes to home design and the Gate House in United Kingdom goes on to deliver exactly that with Henning Stummel Architects turning to bright orange and metal to give the home a dazzling new life. Much of this classic Victorian house is draped with brick on the outside and the distinct archway in brick still holds its own despite the modern makeover. On the inside, neutral finishes hide the insulated, wooden frame carefully while natural light reduces dependency on artificial lighting. A host of green features and passive heating and cooling design makes the residence even more energy-efficient.

Bright orange metallic facade of Gate House in UK

With low ceiling, it is the abundance of orange and white inside the house that ensures that limited light is dispersed evenly and there are no dull corners. Extensive of use metal coated in orange in every room makes a big impact and the bedroom and bathroom across two levels of the house feel connected due to the use of this color palette. In the small living room, orange colors the floor and décor pieces while the ceiling and upper half of the walls embrace white. It is truly a brilliant use of bold color in a revamped residence. [Photography: Henning Stummel / Rachael Smith]

Metallic orange frame plays a big part in shaping of the house
Stairway and the interior also embraces orange gleefully
Using bright orange and metal in a trendy fashion in the UK home
Brick archway welcomes you at this gorgeous British home
Bringing together modern and classic elements together in the cheerful living space
Combining orange and white in a trendy fashion in the stunning Gate House

This reception room, with no windows onto the street, comes as a complete surprise, but has the benefit of a lovely west facing balcony, a compact kitchenette and a cozy cast iron wood burner. The valley roof reduces bulk and offers a discreet location for PV panels. This is a highly efficient house that uses air source heating and received an EPC A-rating.

Light-filled living area in bright orange and white
Exquisite use of orange throughout the revamped Gate House
First level floor plan of the Gate House
Upper level floor plan of unique British home

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