There are a few homes that envelope you within their confines as gorgeous interiors that leave you mesmerized. And then there are residences where the interior plays second fiddle to the exterior and it is the landscape that takes over in a stunning fashion. Spectacular Résidence Le Nid in Cap-aux-Corbeaux, Quebec is one that falls in the latter category with spellbinding views of St. Lawrence River welcoming the homeowners and guests alike in an unabated fashion. It is the dark exterior of this hillside home designed by Anne Carrier architecture that allows it to blend in with the woodsy backdrop while the interior embraces a much lighter color palette.

It is the view that leaves you enthralled at this Canadian home!

Perched to make the most of the amazing view of the river and the landscape in the distance, natural cover of the woodsy outdoors gives way leading to the bridge that shapes the entrance of the house. A walkway also connects the house with the viewpoint while the living room, bedroom and open kitchen embrace the views in an unabated fashion. Large, floor-to-ceiling glass walls add to the appeal of the setting and a flood of natural illuminate the minimal, modern kitchen in white. Slim cabinets and décor in neutral hues elevate the contemporary vibe of the house.

Mesmerizing greenery around the house make it even more spectacular
Natural canopy hides the house while showcasing its best feature
Stunning view of St. Lawrence River from the deck of the house
View of the multi-level of the interior
View of the rear of the Hillside home with views of St. Lawrence River
View of the river and the landscape beyond are perfectly framed from the house
Walkway and bridge leading to the house

Despite all the features that shape this Canadian residence, it is undoubtedly the backdrop outside that draws you to its covered deck that holds an al-fresco dining space and the spacious deck. A magical escape with sights and sounds shaped by nature! [Photography: Maxime Brouillette / Anne Carrier Architecture]

Contemporary kitchen with minimal cabinets in white that create a lovely backdrop
Dark exterior of the home allows it to vanish into the backdrop after sunset
Framed glass walls bring the lake view inside

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