Some renovation and addition projects just improve the living conditions of the house and bring in natural light and a style makeover. Others go much deeper and redefine the entire residence and give it an entirely new identity. Casa Alegria is a project that falls in the latter category with its extensive renovation giving birth to a home that feels cozy, inviting and classy at every turn. We love how the old and the new have been carefully intertwined in here with one complementing the other. An eclectic mix of décor and even styles feels all too organic with each space flowing into the next. Violante & Rochford worked closely with the clients and the new interior feels refreshing with a backdrop in brown, cream and tan.

Stunning blend of modern and traditional styles at this relaxing family home

Moving away from the modern narrative of the all white background, the living area, kitchen and dining have a cozy and reflective setting with different textures and wonderfully diverse décor and accessory pieces making a bold statement. Among all that neutral panache, there are pops of red that you just cannot miss while brighter colors are brought in by rugs in every room. Apart from the main house, there is also a large guest room, a smaller guest area next to the pool and the landscape itself that was revamped by the architects.

Brown and cream along with reds shape the living area
Eat-in kitchen of the main house is a showstopper
Eclectic mix of decor is brought together by common color scheme
Elegant and cozy bedroom of the house
Gallery wall adds character to the dining space
Gallery walls grace every room of the house
Home office in comfy, neutral hues and a chandelier that steals the spotlight
Living room with wooden ceiling beams, antique decor pieces and modern vibe
Natural finishes and ceiling wooden beams give the dining room a classic vibe

The house is traditional, but the furniture is more contemporary. The furnishings are a mix of several of the owners’ previous houses, one in Barbados, London, on the East Coast “Color was used to unify the diverse pieces. Also, simpler lines, the geometric and bold Navajo pieces, and straighter lines for the furniture brought it all together as well…

Patio outside draped in greenery offers a comfortable, private refuge
Pool and curated gardens around the Casa Alegria
Pool and curated gardens around the Casa Alegria
Spacious living room with a cozy fireplace at its heart
View of the exterior of Casa Alegria
Warm lighting adds to the dashing appeal of the house
Your eyes are instantly drawn to the rug in here
Bedroom in brown and white with gorgeous view of the landscape
Bright rug and striped sofa for the modern living room
Bright white, brown and gray shape a lovely and relaxing interior

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