noa* network of architecture completes its floris green suites hotel, a formally diverse construction framed by the snow-capped tyrolean ridgelines. the project stands as an expansion of the preexisting parc hotel florian to introduce ten brand new suites in a stand-alone building which connects to the existing structure. the strategy provides both a sense of continuity and a fresh perspective with a distinctive architectural language. the design team sensitively preserves and enhances the pride of the hotel and its unique grounds, including a magnificent park which invites visitors to meander among ancient trees.

noa* floris hotel
images by alex filz

during the initial stages of designing its floris hotel, the team at noa* network of architecture sought to minimize the construction’s physical impact on the ground plane. initially, the idea was to separate the floris expansion from the original hotel in order to leave the grounds untouched and occupy as little space as possible. the team avoided a row of rooms door to door, organizing a grouping of intimate, self-contained tree houses elevated nearly three-meters or ten feet — leaving the grounds fully accessible underneath. the floris hotel accommodates its guests within the park while allow them to be a part of it. during the design process the park served as the central theme of the architecture as the team sought to embed its work within the natural context, as if it had always been there.

noa* floris hotel

noa* network of architecture realized the hotel expansion as a collection of tree houses which seek to evoke memories with their familiar profiles. the two-level hotel complex occupies the end of a connective walkway that links the original hotel. the project comprises five rooms on each floor, all of which have views over the park. with a dynamic organization, the rooms are stacked above each other at a slight angle, creating the impression of a naturally growing form. the intimate nature of the architecture offers guests the sensation of being ensconced in their own little house. despite its openness, the appearance of the whole building is preserved, as it nestles into the park landscape. this is anchored by a pre-grey wooden façade, which confers a degree of uniform tranquillity to the unique cluster of tree houses.

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project info:

project title: floris 

architecture: noa* network of architecture

location: parc hotel florian, siusi allo sciliar, south tyrol, italy

photography: alex filz