a poetic aroma diffuser

the gentle flicker of a candle has long held romantic ideas and even inspired great poets and philosophers. now, in the design world, SOL style and ANTBEE have harnessed the calming effects of a flame into a non-electric aroma diffuser called ‘lei’. powered entirely by the heat of one small tea light, lei doesn’t need an electricity source or any messy power cables, meaning it can be easily moved from one room to another, filling your home with scent as it goes.

lei non-electric aroma diffuser
images courtesy of SOL style and ANTBEE

the patented lei mechanism

so just how exactly does lei work? first off, drop your preferred fragrance oil straight into the tray, which is designed to be easy to clean and refill. then light the candle and put it in the special holder. the heat from the lit candle generates power which in turn powers a small fan. the single blade then spins around to create a gentle breeze, allowing your fragrance to permeate the room. 

lei non-electric aroma diffuser
the oil tray is designed to be easy to clean and refill

designed for minimal consumption

when creating lei, SOL style and ANTBEE carefully considered its energy consumption, its lifespan, and how users would interact with the product. both the diffuser and the packaging are made from recyclable materials, including metal, glass, aluminum and paper. to reduce consumption, the designers say that while other products tend to overheat oils, lei uses gentle heat that preserves aroma quality. moreover, the sturdy steel platform stops lei from tipping over while the glass dome protects people from the naked flame. 

‘we also prioritized emotional engagement with the design — gazing at the flame, feeling the gentle breeze, smelling the fragrance,’  explain SOL style and ANTBEE. ‘every aspect is crucial and designed to make an effective pathway for fragrance and breeze, such as the glass cylindrical dome which raises the heat of the flame, the optimal gap above the dome, the single blade fan to introduce oxygen, and oval shape for heat dissipation.’

overall, lei is a product that seeks to redefine home appliances, and it’s well suited for either quiet moments alone or for socializing with friends. 

lei non-electric aroma diffuser
the minimal design is made from recyclable materials

lei non-electric aroma diffuser
lei is powered with just one tea light candle

lei non-electric aroma diffuser
heat from the candle powers a single blade

lei non-electric aroma diffuser
the blade creates a gentle breeze, allowing fragrance to permeate the room


lei is a non-electric aroma diffuser powered by the heat of a candle
lei is a non-electric aroma diffuser powered by the heat of a candle

project info:

name: lei -non electric aroma diffuser
design: SOL style / ANTBEE

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom