Retaining the charm of its worker’s cottage facade, Brunswick East Residence by Studio Amble finds a synergy between disciplines and eras. An alliance between interior and landscape design coaxes the heritage character of a single-fronted Victorian Terrace into contemporary relevance.

A dovetailing of new and old has informed the timeless refurbishment of two front bedrooms. Exposed masonry, refinished wide-plank timber floors and classical joinery imbue elegant modernity, while a moss green palette is the first marker of an intentional fusion between interior and landscape design principles.

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An understory of light and shade in the ground floor bedrooms is juxtaposed by the sun-drenched airiness of the living and kitchen zone. This spatial exhalation directly activates the garden beyond.

A minimal design approach brings sophisticated resolve with a fully integrated kitchen at one end, a wall of operable glazing at the other and the clean, engineered precision of a stairway along the length of the space.

A curation of robust materials often used externally – green quartzite, timber and a sliced bluestone boulder – ancors the stairway, highlighting common ground between interior and landscape. Each material application covertly emphasises the accord between built and natural environments while integrating into an otherwise clean canvas painted in the shadowplay of foliage on floors, walls and furniture. 

A new first-floor extension containing a bedroom, ensuite and study nook is distinguished by cathedral ceilings and seamless design symmetry, borrowing a sense of space through light, air, highly resolved joinery and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Brunswick House gently converses between inside and out via a design language that intuitively dissolves where one ends and the other begins.

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Beyond its heritage facade, Brunswick East Residence navigates a fusion between interior and landscape design to introduce a sense of effortless modernity.