Made up of recycled glass and aggregates, the GB Aura range is a sustainable collection of concrete masonry blocks by GB Masonry. As a result of its composition – which includes 17 per cent recycled content including gas and ash – each block appears natural and earthy whilst providing a robust foundation for building. Minimal maintenance is required as the collection is weather-, termite- and fire-resistant. In addition, GB Aura is marine-safe and effortlessly installed. Available in two neutral colours and four sizes, the range enhances the reputation of GB Masonry, speaking to a level of considered craftmanship unrivalled within the premium sector.

Paying homage to ceramics of the past, the Pottery Blend collection reflects a studious approach to tactility, form and tone. Crafted by Austral Bricks, the collection combines an elongated, slim-line format – reminiscent of the split bricks of ancient Rome – with smooth textures and warm, earthy hues. The overall expression embodies the evolutionary journey of the standard brick, implying modern-day usage in bold, architectural works. Within the context of Austral Bricks, Pottery Blend represents another contribution to the impressive legacy of the company, which captures over 100 years of manufacturing and design.