Life in Sydney is very much shaped by the flow and transition between inside and out, and the passive nature of buildings and their connection to landscape play an inherent role in tempering the year-round comfort of these spaces. By deciding how to best ensure designed outcomes can work well with the climate, they are crafted to be eco-friendly and rely on natural energy sources, further enhancing that natural connection. Providing places of solitude, as well as a deep immersion into the memory of their time in Singapore, the landscape offers a natural disconnect and is reminiscent of days spent enjoying this beloved overseas destination.

As its own statement of a contemporary and refined rectilinear form, the elements of the home become a natural anchor on site, blending with the landscape. The use of dark materials and sense of control over incoming air and light add an additional layer between inside and out, with moveable screens and openings within the façade to ensure the architecture can respond throughout the year. Though recessive in nature, the focus remains on the garden and on the potential for future growth, allowing the living elements to also make their mark in a similar way as they age along with the custodians.