Luigi Rosselli Architects, buck&simple and Alwill Interiors create a series of layers that engage with the site’s natural elements whilst also adding a depth of texture to the everyday tactile interactions within. Accessed from a quiet street, with views on the opposite side, the weighted nature of the elements used are inspired by linear characteristics of modernism and brutalism, focusing on bold sculptural functionality that opens with generosity. As part of the home’s openness, the solid elements create a balance and represent the immersive nature of the residence.

Drawing from a warm palette, tones from the landscape are brought inward, with the elements of earth and air acting as guiding forces. From the initial interaction with the oversized bronze front door, a textural dexterity slowly unravels as one moves throughout. With each hallway and open space leading to framed views of private garden spaces or the waterfront, the dwelling is deeply connected to place. By combining contrasting features and finishes, each is highlighted and allows the owners to make their mark on the home.