Inspired by the original brick and weatherboard materials on the front of the heritage bungalow, the new addition is clad in a similar light-coloured brick. Overlaying a sense of order and rhythm, the bricks frame views and openings out towards the landscaped space at the rear. As an extension of the newly formed combined living, dining and kitchen spaces, the outdoor entertaining area brings a more deliberate connection between the built and the natural, with fully operable doors that can be pulled back to soften the threshold.

Through a similar geometric style, the upper level takes shape within a contained and crisp form warmed by timber battens. Internally, a warm palette adds a lightness and brings textural depth through the combination of various gum veneer finishes. Contrasted by the polished concrete flooring, the crafted joinery sustains the connection to the handmade detailing of the original home yet is conceived through a more contemporary lens. Forming the foundation for the coming chapters, a robust and refined approach pulls the new elements together, evolving the original bungalow.