Whilst maintaining the original proportions and grandeur of the residence, its newly connected interiors needed to reflect how homes are occupied today. Allowing the original and restored cornices and skirtings to represent its past, more linear, refined insertions mark the present. Preparing for the future, a level of flexibility is integrated into the planning, allowing for the more open and active areas to bring people together whilst ensuring other passive spaces remain separate. In the formation of the original home, there lies a certain structure and consideration to how it is experienced when moving through it, and this informed a key part of its new rhythm.

Although much of what already existed within the residence could be repurposed, slight and subtle alterations to some elements was needed. For instance, each of the fireplaces were relocated to be more central and reinforce an order to the planning, whilst the decorative staircase that connects the levels catches the eye with its crafted nature. An animated palette is used throughout, which is then used to counter the more muted base elements within the home, allowing the eye to travel naturally over the elements that draw them in the most.