GM House is a minimalist residence located in Gent, Belgium, designed by Simon de Burbure. The interiors feature chalk plaster walls and subtle terrazzo floors, expertly crafted by Aardig Gedacht, creating a sense of timelessness and texture. These elements are harmoniously paired with oak veneer, reminiscent of the original farmhouse beams. Complementing these elements are natural stone surfaces in a “forest green” hue, materials chosen for their consistency and understated elegance throughout the home. Adding to the home’s character, cannage panels in the master bathroom and dressing room provide both texture and transparency, enhancing the overall aesthetic. A standout feature of the home is the curved “chubby” staircase, a focal point that gracefully ascends to the first floor. This staircase is prominently visible from a key axis through a low, curved passageway, creating a striking visual anchor.

To address the low ceilings typical of old farmhouses, the kitchen and annexe have been designed to utilize the full height of the roof, maximizing both space and natural light. The home’s decor and furniture, curated in collaboration with St Vincents, predominantly feature calm, neutral colors, creating a serene environment. JOV rugs, a beautiful family-owned Belgian company specializing in tufted rugs produced in Portugal with the finest yarns, add a touch of luxury to the spaces. However, the annexe, intended for entertainment and hosting, boasts more playful and vibrant furniture choices, adding a lively contrast to the otherwise tranquil palette. Prado’s expertly designed lighting fixtures enhance the ambiance throughout, blending functionality with style.

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