Renovation of Old Buildings is a minimalist residential project located in Hangzhou, China, designed by Outlooker Design. There is a prevailing perception that old Chinese architecture is unattractive, outdated, and even unappealing, with people often preferring playgrounds over modern gardens. This sentiment has led to a loss of appreciation for the simple aesthetics inherent in traditional architecture. The goal is to foster respect for the old Hui-style buildings. Drawing inspiration from “the art of the land,” the renovation integrates seamlessly with the environment, preserving the wooden structures of these historical buildings. A notable addition is a “mountain forest sculpture” in the courtyard, inspired by the Lion Forest Garden.

This waist-high sculpture mimics the form of a mountain forest, creating a sense of being a traveler amidst a vast landscape. This interaction allows visitors to feel like giants among the miniature mountains. This approach to renovation is likened to forming a friendship with the elderly rather than merely offering superficial gestures. At the entrance, the Loop Chair welcomes visitors, complemented by an independently designed chandelier with a retro-futuristic style hanging under the eaves. In landscaping, the design deliberately avoids traditional ideologies, opting instead for wild plants that grow freely, enhancing the atmosphere with their natural exuberance. A beanbag, placed in this setting, invites young people to relax, drink coffee, and enjoy the sounds of nature.

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