Summer House in Oia is a minimalist residence located in Santorini, Greece, designed by Kapsimalis Architects. The multi-level structure includes communal living spaces and a kitchen, alongside two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms on the ground floor. Additionally, there is a bedroom with a bathroom on the upper floor. Notably, part of the ground level extends into the volcanic rock, forming a cave-like space — a characteristic feature of the island’s traditional dwellings. The interior is connected by a staircase that ascends through the living area. Externally, the property is accessible via two entrances from the pedestrian street, each leading to distinct levels and the central courtyard. The renovation project placed a strong emphasis on preserving the building’s original architectural details.

The aim was to showcase the unique interior structures, such as the cavernous and vaulted spaces that define the home’s character. While the exterior facade was carefully retained and refined, the courtyard was reimagined to include a linear pool, a sheltered lounge area, a dining space beneath a light canopy, an outdoor shower, and selective landscaping. Inside, the designers opted to keep the organic ceiling shapes and curved walls largely intact, only making necessary modifications to meet the home’s functional requirements and enhance its visual appeal. The redesigned space focuses on a minimalist and sculptural approach, seeking to evoke tranquility and a timeless style.

The chosen materials and decor underscore this intent. Off-white plaster walls, large marble slabs, dark-stained oak, and metal accents come together to form a serene interior palette. This is complemented by custom furniture in various marbles, terracotta accents, and tactile fabrics. Decorative elements include mirrors, ceramic pieces, and lighting fixtures made from opal glass, metal, and marble. Consistency between the indoor and outdoor spaces is maintained through the use of warm white tones and the extension of the marble flooring outside. The outdoor furnishings — a mix of marble, metal, wood, and terracotta — enhance the overall ambiance.

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