Stone House in Mykonos with Views of the Aegean Sea

Located on the hill of Aleomandra in Mykonos, Villa Mandra stands out amidst nature, offering breathtaking views of the sea and the sunset over the neighboring island of Delos. Designed as a vacation home for a young and vibrant couple, the residence boasts six bedrooms and was crafted to celebrate the stunning landscape, seamlessly blending with a garden protected by stone walls and sensitive landscaping.

Embracing a laid-back summer lifestyle, the house fosters conscious connection with family and friends, encouraging a peaceful existence amidst nature. The architecture revolves around this concept, turning every space into an opportunity for rest, contemplation, and exploration.

Key elements of Villa Mandra lie in its palette of traditional materials, such as lime, stone, and wood, employed in a contemporary manner to merge historical legacy with the context of modern life. The simple volumes, painted in white with soft edges, seamlessly integrate with the Cycladic landscape, while the thoughtfully designed pergola provides shade and protection to the expansive courtyard below.

The residence unfolds in three volumes arranged around a spacious central courtyard, serving as the focal point of the house, seamlessly connecting to the living and kitchen areas, offering panoramic views of the pool and surrounding gardens. With the private bedrooms located beneath the pool garden, guests can enjoy a serene view of the lower garden and the sea, ensuring a clear separation between social and private spaces.

The blend of natural and contemporary elements extends throughout the residence, with handcrafted stone walls, stone tiles in indoor and outdoor areas, and a carefully curated selection of furniture and decor that enhance the relaxed and earthy atmosphere of the house. Villa Mandra embodies the essence of Cycladic tradition, enriched by natural materiality and adapted to the contemporary summer lifestyle of Greece.

Project credits:

Architect: K-studio
K Studio team: Dimitris Karampatakis, Ileana Vlassopoulou, Alexandros Zomas, Antonella Theodorakatou, Christos Papachristodoulou, Christos Spetseris
Location: Aleomandra, Mykonos, Greece
Area: 600 m²
Year: 2020
Photography: Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann Photography

0:00 – Villa Mandra
7:55 – Drawings

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