The Line at Neom
This week on Dezeen, architects designing The Line including Thom Mayne and Peter Cook explained the thinking behind the planned megacity in Saudi Arabia in a documentary. Speaking in a 45-minute-long Discovery Channel broadcast, many of the architects involved in the design of the 170-kilometre-long city talked about the project publicly for the first time.
“I can’t think of anybody that wouldn’t want to be part of this project,” said Morphosis founder Mayne, while Cook Haffner Architecture Platform co-founder Cook said that “if it succeeds, it will be a new Babylon”.
Rewild the Run trainers by Kiki GrammatopoulosRewild the Run trainers by Kiki Grammatopoulos
Kiki Grammatopoulos has created a rewilding trainer

In design news, Central Saint Martins graduate Kiki Grammatopoulos created a rewilding trainer that will disperse plants as people run.
The running shoe has a bristly outsole covered in tiny hooks that grip onto dirt and plants to spread seeds in a bid to bring biodiversity back into cities.

Electric bicycle manufacturer VanMoof was declared bankruptElectric bicycle manufacturer VanMoof was declared bankrupt
Electric bicycle brand VanMoof was declared bankrupt

Also in the news this week, pioneering electric bicycle manufacturer VanMoof was declared bankrupt. Previously described as the world’s “most well funded e-bike brand”, the Dutch company was declared bankrupt by the Amsterdam District Court on Monday.
VanMoof’s court-assigned administrators are now looking into whether the Dutch company could be restructured or sold.

M&S Oxford Street storeM&S Oxford Street store
Marks & Spencer’s plans to demolish its Oxford Street store were rejected

We also reported on two under-threat buildings being saved. In the UK, British Secretary of State Michael Gove rejected Marks & Spencer’s plans to demolish its Art Deco flagship store on Oxford Street in London.
And in Germany, the brutalist Mäusebunker laboratory in Berlin was saved from demolition after local authorities listed it as a historical monument.

Refik AnadolRefik Anadol
We spoke to Refik Anadol as part of our AItopia series

Continuing our AItopia series we spoke to machine-learning art pioneer Refik Anadol who told Dezeen that “a deep understanding of humanity is way more complex than any algorithm”.
We also reported on a set of guidelines for the ethical development of artificial intelligence that was published by the World Ethical Data Foundation.

We interviewed the designers of the Barbie movie’s “absurd” sets

Ahead of the release of the Barbie movie, we spoke about the film’s “absurd” sets with production designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer. Designed to have an “authentic artificiality”, the sets include waterless swimming pools, fridges with 2D food and hand-painted sunsets.
We also interviewed the production designer behind the set of Wes Anderson’s latest film Asteroid City, which was built as a functioning town complete with underground power and sewers.

Minimalist dwelling on New Zealand coastMinimalist dwelling on New Zealand coast
A minimalist dwelling on New Zealand’s coast was one of the most popular projects

Popular projects this week included a minimalist dwelling on New Zealand’s coast, Wimbledon tennis courts topped with a sweeping racket-informed roof and the National Biodiversity Pavilion in Mexico City.
Our lookbooks featured interiors where Barbiecore pink adds a playful touch of colour and serene bedrooms with striking natural views.
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