5 Ways To Celebrate Midsummer’s Eve Like a Swede

This Friday it’s arguably the biggest event in the Swedish calendar: Midsummer’s Eve! It’s a magical day includes dancing around a pole with flowers in your hair and a delicious afternoon meal alfresco with friends and family. 
Why not join in the celebrations from afar? Here are five ways how: 
1. Make a floral crown for your hair 
2. Build a small ‘midsommarstång’ (midsummer pole) to put up in your garden like this one and dance around it! 
2. Invite family and friends over and dine outside no matter the weather and tuck into herring, salmon, some form of quiche, new potatoes, washed down with beer. Follow with deliciously ripe strawberries. 
3. Sing songs and down a shot of Akvavit with a resounding ‘SKÅL!’ (cheers). 
4. Play Kubb! 
5. If you’re single, place seven different wildflowers under your pillow before you go to sleep and you’ll dream of the man you are going to marry! 
Glad Midsommar! 
I’ll be back again on Monday 🙂
This beautiful photograph is by Emily Slotte

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