Casa F&V is a minimalist home located in Bagno a Ripoli, Italy, designed by Archiplanstudio. In the picturesque outskirts of Florence, a historic farmhouse takes center stage in a recent renovation project that seeks to revitalize its foundational geometries and expansive garden setting. Utilizing materials that evoke both sophistication and abstraction, the project seeks to amplify the farmhouse’s intrinsic simplicity and tranquillity, bringing a tranquil dimension to its existing structural essence. The renovation maintains a clear focus on selecting furnishings that align seamlessly with the unique attributes of each individual space within the residence. This approach ensures a living environment that harmonizes with the surrounding locale, demonstrating a thoughtful adherence to a lifestyle that is both modern and in tune with the building’s historic roots. The design strategy embraces a minimalist aesthetic, promoting a congruent and respectful interaction between the structure and its picturesque surroundings.

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