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Atsushi Tasaki Architecture and Design

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Office 2023 is a minimalist interior located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Atsushi Tasaki Architecture and Design. Flexibility is at the core of this project. The architects, understanding this mandate, have opted for a wood-frame post-and-beam construction method. This technique leverages standardized dimension timber, ensuring both adaptability and cost-effectiveness. One standout feature of this construction is the deployment of angle braces, allowing the floor plan to be free from obstructive columns. Such an open design offers versatility, crucial for an enterprise bracing for unknown future requirements.

Mirroring this flexible ethos, the structure spans two stories, reserving the upper level for potential administrative expansion. A minimalist aesthetic pervades the building’s design. Architectural elements grounded closer to the earth – like floors, foundational structures, tables, and benches – are rendered in subtle grayscale tones. This design choice effortlessly directs attention upwards, focusing viewers on the intricacies of the framework, walls, and ceilings. Moreover, the window design deserves a mention. By utilizing pre-manufactured products, the architects have augmented the sense of spaciousness within while also allowing for heightened visibility from the exterior during the evening hours.

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