ONE is a minimal residence located in Kanagawa, Japan, designed by ambientdesigns. A distinct structure emerges on a grid, which spans three site boundaries. This design choice is no mere coincidence; it reflects a deliberate effort to intertwine the worlds of the organic and the synthetic. The grid serves a vital role in this structure. Viewed not just as a foundational framework, it acts as a ‘centerline’ – a classic concept in architectural design. This centerline is the backbone, guiding the confluence of the two contrasting elements: the rawness of nature and the precision of man-made constructs. The project’s essence lies in its integration approach. The desire wasn’t merely to juxtapose the natural against the artificial but to blend them in an innovative architectural style. By doing so, it transcends typical design norms and beckons viewers to reconsider their perceptions of these traditionally disparate domains.

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