Saint-Tropez Houses are minimal residences located in Provence, France, designed by John Pawson. This region is characterized by its rich and natural surroundings, dominated by parasol pines, vineyards, and cork oak trees. Notably, a particularly significant cork oak played a central role in shaping the design of a recent project on a 1.7-hectare plot. The project’s brief involved the construction of three distinct houses, with one designated as guest quarters for the primary residence. The primary house strategically aligns with views to the west, capturing sights of the historic citadel across the bay. The guesthouse, while also designed with an orientation towards the sea, finds its place to one side of the plot, neatly tucked beneath an escarpment. A remarkable consistency in design language binds these three houses together. Embracing minimalist aesthetics, the structures echo cubic geometries paired with subtly angled roofs. This design approach not only exudes modern simplicity but also pays homage to traditional local architecture.

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