Embark on a Chromatic Game of Pool With Nuevepies’ Monocolor

Gone are the days of the smoke-tinged green and wood billiard tables found in bars or in a friend’s basement. Nuevepies, a young and innovative company based in Barcelona, is redefining the world of billiards with their Monocolor billiards collection. Imagine a 9-foot pool table where every element, from the cloth to the pockets and legs, exudes a singular and refined hue, creating an awe-inspiring design that will elevate any space.

angled set view of pale pink modern pool tableThe monochrome trend continues to pop up in the interior design world, and Nuevepies has joined in with their contemporary modern pool tables. The Monocolor billiard table boasts a satin lacquered finish and Gorina cloth, resulting in a captivating design accentuated by the colorful balls. Each custom table is available in six colors – Pastel Pink, Fresh Green, Electric Blue, Black is Black, White Ibiza, and Silver Gray – and can be built to play either pool or carom billiards.down view of modern pale pink pool table with balls and cuedown end view of modern pale pink pool table with drawer open revealing all the accessoriesA drawer holds all the accessories one needs to play, including 4 two-piece cues, a set of Super Aramith Pro balls, a rack, and a box for chalk and cloth brush.down corner view of a modern pale pink pool tableNuevepies’ background is rooted in craftsmanship, combining the experience of manufacturer “Billares Córdoba” and creative direction of BD Barcelona. Fueled by their combined passion for contemporary design, Nuevepies has mastered the art of producing exclusive, high-end billiard tables that offer infinite possibilities for customization. The options for colors and finishes are endless, allowing you to find the perfect table that complements your style and interior decor.angled set view of woman with pool cue standing behind pale pink modern pool tableMonocolor’s integrated electronics system powers LED lighting, game reset, and automatic shut-off.down view of modern cobalt blue pool tablecorner down view of modern cobalt blue pool tablecorner view of modern cobalt blue pool tableangled set view of grey pool tabledown view of grey pool tabledown view of modern black pool tableangled view of modern black pool tabledown view of modern red pool tabledown view of modern green pool tabledown view of modern white pool tableTo learn more about Monocolor billiards tables, visit nuevepies.com.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.

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