House A is a minimalist residence located in Osaka, Japan, designed by ninkipen!. The property is strategically situated alongside a primary school route, affording it striking views of the Ikoma mountain range and the majestic Takayasu Mountain. The design of the house gives a nod to this location, aligning itself along the path with a one-and-a-half-story gabled roof. The eastern part of the house extends outwards, establishing an ample eave, which doubles as a valuable porch area. This eave transforms into a metaphorical arrow, pointing towards the schoolyard and embracing the void spaces of the city. Inside the home, the space is interconnected through the use of voids, enveloped by a skeleton of large rafter beams that march in a rhythmic procession. This construct does away with the typical barriers of internal walls, creating an entirely free and open plan that encapsulates the entire house. A window punctures the staircase on the northern side of the building, borrowing the view of the neighboring hedge, adding a splash of natural color to the daily ascents and descents of the residents. Constructed with naturally dried Yoshino cedar, the structural core of the building exudes vitality, its deeply polished finish adding a touch of elegance. This home is not just a static structure, but a part of the life cycle of the community. The architects and homeowners alike eagerly anticipate the day when friends of the child will perch on the porch, adding a dynamic layer to the serene landscape.

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