Index Office’s Nelson Fossey’s minimalist approach to lighting and other functional objects, one emphasizing tactile portability, makes the French designer an ideal collaborator for Lexon in their effort to create a light for all occasions. The resulting 2023 Red Dot Design Award winning Orbe is a portable torchiere lamp that aims to illuminate wherever needed.

Black, gold and glossy white Orbe LED lamp lights with ball head light aiming in different directionsInspired by the carefree childhood memories of playing the cup-and-ball game, Fossey’s detachable magnetic head features a 2-part design that easily disconnects and reconnects with an almost plaything enthusiasm. The colorway options also speak to Fossey’s playful aesthetic (with more sedate black, gold, and glossy white options also available).Green Orbe LED lamp lights with ball head light assembly in 2 separate parts.Blue and red Orbe LED lamp lights with ball head light assembly in 2 separate parts.Three blue and red Orbe LED lamp lights with ball head light aimed in different directions.Scaled for portability and capable for outdoor use (it’s IPX4 rating equals splash-resistant, but not waterproof) it’s a spotlight that can clearly be carried easily, with a rotating head capable of producing a peak output of 100 lumens of light.Detail of USB-C port and power button on the back of a blue Orbe light with yellow power cord.The LED lamp isn’t limited to just one hue output, with 9 colors and dimming as an option. At its lowest setting, the Orbe can eke out an impressive 48 hours of illumination after only 5 hours of recharging via USB-C cable.A line of all five Orbe colorways, from left to right: gold, green, black, red+blue, and glossy white.For more about the Lexon Orbe by Nelson Fossey, veer over to

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