Let us begin the final lap with a fine selection of Mid-Century Australian varietals, many of which are expressions of Modern design and ethos within a pure localized culture and region. This evening is a fantasy favorite – the rural MCM secret stunner – the residence purpose-built for a farming generation or two and usually never before viewed by the outside world. More progressive than the usual farm homestead (that in itself a rarity) this 1963 build (commission for a which architect we wonder?) clearly had a decisive owner who knew what they wanted that is to say; a sprawling, landmark of mod-cons, beautiful timber free flowing spaces, breathtaking features (oh that copper fireplace!), considered landscaping, split levels, masses of glazing to take in the paddocks and room after room for all and sundry. A homestead entertainer to rule them all. This superb beauty has just popped up today (many thanks to those who altered us) and off we go in a habitual spin of co-op-holiday-escape-compound-dreams. Tow Hours from Melbourne. The perfect project of revival and rejuvenation. And just the kind of place to exit this ever nuttier world to make a new one with only the best hand-picked cohort of like-minded buddies.

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