If there is one room in our house that we fear when it comes to a makeover, then it is definitely the kids’ room. It is a room filled with color, multiple motifs and often is a mix between what you want and what the little ones crave for. Sometimes the compromise pays off and on other occasions it feels a touch out of place. But that still does not stop us from trying hard! With a change in season, new trends find space in the kids’ room once again and this fall brings with it a wide new range that includes everything from nature-centric prints to pastel hues and creative beds.

It is hard to create a kids’ bedroom that is more colorful, fun and unique [From: Tamara Rosenbloom Design]

The best kids’ rooms are those that combine a space-conscious design with fun pattern and an ability to evolve and adapt over time. There is no point in splurging a fortune over a theme that your little one would be bred with just a few months down the line. If you need a couple of kids to share the room then things get even more complicated. Here are 30 best ideas for the season that overcome many of these hurdles to create captivating kids’ rooms that are also functional –

Natural Prints and Bold Motifs

Framed botanicals and curated prints with leafy patterns are great in adult bedrooms. But in the kids’ room you want pattern with a bit more flair. This fall, embrace the many colors outside and usher in nature-inspired patterns that are also colorful. They can be something as whimsical and fun as a wall mural that is inspired by ocean life or a scene from the tropical jungles that finds new expression in the modern kids’ room. Large flowery patterns seem more at home in the girls’ room while the boys’ bedrooms need less of pink and violet and more of blues.

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Glam teen bedroom in violet full of urban sophistication
Gorgeous white and pink girls’ bedroom with floral theme [From: My Bespoke Room]
Pink accent wall for the girls’ bedroom with floral theme
Bedding brings flower power to this dashing yellow bedroom [From: Masterpiece Design Group]
Floral wallpaper for the girls’ bedroom is a showstopper
Flower wall decals coupled with shades that feature a matching motif in the kids’ room [From: Douglas Design Studio]

Give Pastel Hues a Shot

In the mood to try something different this season? Then move away from the bolder colors in the kids’ rooms and give pastels a shot. Pastel colors can be used to shape the background of the room or as accent colors that make just the right visual impact. From pretty pastel pink in the girls’ room with princess theme to light blues in the boys’ bedrooms that embraces coastal or beach style; the choice of pastel color depends on the style you choose and the size of the room itself. Check out the beautiful rooms below for more inspiration –

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Pastel bluish-green for the boys’ bedroom moves away from the mundane
Reclaimed wood in pastel green brings a different touch to the kids’ bedroom [From: C Blake Homes]
Shabby chic kids’ bedroom in white with pastel accents all around
Transitional style kids’ bedroom in yellow creates a warm visual appeal [From: Erinn V. Design Group]
Charming girls’ bedroom in pastel pink along with white [From: Debra Zinn Interiors]
Fabulous traditional kids’ bedroom in paste blue [From: Interior Options]
Finding the right shade of paste blue for the modern kids’ room

Innovative Beds Revamp Kids’ Rooms

One thing that we absolutely adore about kids’ rooms and wish we could replicate in adult bedrooms is the amazing array of options when it comes to beds. From bunk beds and loft beds with workspace underneath to other whimsical designs that feel anything but mundane, there are so many, many options to choose from. The best beds are those that save space and also offer storage options and allow you to tuck away mess with ease. From the colorful to the space-savvy, this is a look at the trendiest new beds for kids’ rooms –

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Bunk beds fit in well with multiple styles including industrial [From: Locati Architects]
Corner bunk beds in the small kids’ room end up saving space with ease [From: Habitations Residential Design Group]
Small and stylish bed in the kids’ bedroom is also a space-saver [From: iva design]
Staircase to the bed can also be used to provide additional storage space [From: XForma]
Beds above and below along with additional storage space in blue for the kids’ bedroom [From: Kristal Construction]
Brilliant yellow accents in the bedroom in white with innovative bed above and play area below [From: Lindsey Black Interiors]

White and a Room that Grows with Time!

White might not seem like a popular choice when it comes to the kids’ room. But when you think about it, it is the perfect color to shape a backdrop that gives you space to shape multiple settings. A kids’ room in white with splashes of color can be altered with ease. You can shift between themes without splurging a whole lot and as your kid grows older, the rooms and its style can also evolve along with them. From the multi-colored kids’ room to the smart teen room and a classy adult bedroom down the line, a room with neutral backdrop can morph effortlessly.

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Finding the right theme for the kids’ bedroom that is adaptable [From: Oliver Simon Design]
Small kids’ room with Scandinavian style in white can be altered easily over time
Adding color to the neutral backdrop brings brightness to the bedroom
Blue accents enliven the neutral bedroom in white [From: Clean Design]
Design a kids’ bedroom that grows along with them over time [From: Landis Architects Builders]

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