Sometimes the easiest way to revamp a house and to give it order is by doing away with the old, cluttered floor plan and re-organizing spaces within the residence. Smart and space-savvy, Canonbury House in London follows precisely this plan as Studio 30 Architects give its interior a fresh makeover while also adding a smart rear extension that brings in ample natural light. The idea behind the extension was uncomplicated and it adds a new dining area, kitchen and sitting space to the classic British home while the revamped floor plan ushers in a modern, relaxing vibe.

Contemporary multi-level rear extension to Canonbury House in London

The new family room along with the dining area sits at the rear of the new addition and stackable, folding glass doors along with a ceiling in glass flood this area with plenty of natural light. This also illuminates the kitchen that acts as a transition zone between the old and the new structures while the reception sits at the front. It is the first level that contains additional bedrooms with one among the two offering views of the garden while the top attic level holds the master suite along with a gorgeously lit bathroom that is space-conscious.

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Geometric rug adds color and pattern to the small living area
Glass ceiling and doors bring light into the new kitchen and dining room
Gorgeous master bedroom in white
Large skylights completely open up the interior to the world outside
Skylights bring ventilation into the attic bathroom with ease
Stackable folding doors open up the sitting area and kitchen to the rear garden

The makeover feels organic with the old and the new elements being combined in an effortless manner. A simple, neutral color scheme coupled with warmth of wood ensures that the mood remains contemporary even as the street façade is classic and unaltered. Another smart London home extension that wins you over with its ease and functionality! [Photography: Salt productions]

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Bathtub and the bathroom overlook the rear garden in style
Bedroom on the first level is opened to the gorgeous garden outside
Extension fills the old and the new interior with ample natural light
Floor plan of revamped and extended Canonbury House in London
Floor plan of ground and first levels of the Canonbury House

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