When it comes to organizing the entry room, few things come in as handy as the shoe stand. Shoe stands obviously make your mornings a whole lot easier and clutter free. Even if you are not an avid collector of shoes, you will still need a small stand for your footwear. Of course, if you have ‘footwear loving girls’ in the house, then things get much more complicated and fast! With that in mind, we have the best DIY shoe rack ideas lined up neatly for out craft loving readers. Some are quirky, others trendy – but you can rest assured that all of them are sturdy!

DIY copper shoe stand [From: fresh crush]

The most gorgeous DIY shoe rack ideas combine ease of crafting with sufficient storage and display space. Of course, this is different for different folk. Some might love a project with beginners crafting skill level while others could take on a job that is much more complicated. No matter which awesome DIY idea you love, make sure you get to it right away and have a whole lot of fun. With that in mind, step in and discover the 35 most impressive shoe rack ideas and inspirations –

Wood, Metal and DIY Charm

When it comes to DIY shoe racks, we love the idea of bringing wood and metal together. It is such an elegant, natural and beautiful combination and for some reason, it never seems to fail even in modern entry rooms! Wood and metal shoe racks are easier to craft than you might imagine and you can get started with just a couple of wooden planks and metallic pipes. Of course, those who need more storage for their boots and additional space for coats and such can turn to the magic of wooden crates stacked ever so diligently.

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DIY crate vintage boot rack with repurposed charm [From: finding home farms]
DIY pallet shoe rack idea that also gives you a comfy bench
Easy Shoe Storage Bench with wiry industrial charm [From: Bob Vila]
Giant DIY shoe rack using old wooden planks and pallets
Live-edge table along with shoe storage baskets for the modern entryway

A simple bench with wooden top, metallic legs and a few racks thrown into the mix can provide both space to store your boots and to sit as you put them on! You can even combine a curated mix of baskets with a wooden bench and racks in the entry while reclaimed wood and pipe shoe racks and organizers are a hot trend that you just should not miss this summer.

Make your own wooden crate shoe rack on wheels with ease [From: live from julies house]
Reclaimed wood and pipe shoe organizer with ample shelf space [From: ETSY]
Small DIY industrial shoe rack idea [From: Two Feet First]
Another cool metal and wood shoe rack idea that is a hit
Awesome and dashing industrial DIY shoe rack [From: Home Dzine]
Crates and boxes create a smart shoe storage space that is also eye-catching

Modern DIY Shoe Racks

From colorful boxes, crates and shiny metal pipes we move on to shoe racks that feel much more modern and polished. One of the first and most impressive ideas that come to mind here is the use of gorgeous ladders as smart shoe racks that work in multiple ways. The lazy susan shoe rack idea is another hit that saves ample space in its own unique way, while hanging baskets from the walls for you shoes gives you a new decorating option that moves away from usual racks.

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Combining the shoe ladder design with the clothes rack with ease
Custom built shoe rack that can be hidden away when not needed
Hallway DIY shoe organizer with a chart and baskets
Lazy susan shoe organizer from Wonderful DIY

Most of the modern shoe rack and organizational ideas are all about using the wall space on offer and everything from doors with shelves to wall-mounted units come into play here. If all else fails, you can just create a custom shoe rack that folds away into the entry bench when not in use! Yes, it is a bit harder to make, but the extra time and effort is well worth it all.

Minimal wall-mounted entryway shoe organizer
Oak Welly Rack offers perfect inspiration for a minimal shoe rack [From: Not on the Hight Street]
Petite and easy-to-craft charlkboard shoe rack adds color to your home [From: Craft with Creativity]
Trendy and stylish shoe organization idea
Turn the door into a cool shoe rack with ease
Using bags and storage sacks to create a folding screen shoe storage unit
Colorful DIY shoe storage and display idea

Bags, Boxes and Other Cool Alternatives

We are always open to the idea of shoe racks being a bit more closed and bringing the comfort of open racks and closed cabinets together! That is why we love ideas like the shoe chest which unites the best of both worlds. But if you are still searching for other cool, cost-effective shoe stand ideas, then there are plenty below. Everything from a shoe rack crafted using old paint cans to PVC pipes and pallet shoe racks to those made from just old shoe boxes – there is a lot to take in and try out for every crafting enthusiast out there. Enjoy!

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Design of shoe chest and shoe rack rolled into one with ease
DIY Horse Shoe boot rack idea
Lovely painted pallet shoe rack with a bit of decorative charm to it [From: Northern Feeling]
Metallic paint cans turned into a cool shoe rack
Small and simple corner shoe rack from Not Martha saves ample space
Smart and cost-effective PVC pipe shoe rack [From: Cookie Loves Milk]
Space-saving shoe rack in the niche for the small urban apartment
Using boxes and racks to create a snazzy shoe rack that is also contemporary
Using shoe boxes to create a smart shoe storage solution
Custom space-saving shoe rack with crown molding

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