Coca-Cola themed décor and art work always manages to turn heads and steal the show. It’s vintage and eye catching and an instant conversation starter that adds color and class to your home. Step in for Coca-Cola inspired wardrobes and kitchens, banners and signs that shout out the brand today.

Custom made shelf in classic Coca-Cola red along with round coke logo in a minimal space

by See Materials

If you are one of those who has spent some time at the local flea market or antique show, then you would have already come across several Coke classics and collectibles. Apart from the cultural value, Coca-Cola decor is a wonderful way to add some color to your modern interiors. Nostalgic, fun and timeless in its own unique way, this soft drink-themed merchandise is showcased in the versatile inspirational images that follow –

Nostalgic 50's diner look for the bar area with vintage Coca-cola decor and ads

Antique Coca Cola sign adds color and personality to the contemporary space

Media and game room of a bachelor pad with the Coke machine

by Sheridan Interiors, Kitchens and Baths

Another look at the DIY Coke crate idea in the eclectic living room

Beautiful retro kitchen with funky Coca cola themed bar stools

by Knight Architects

Coca-Cola drink box enlivens this cool porch with a grill

by Brian Benda

Turn the basement into a fun hangout and game room with a Coca-Cola themed diner

by Jay Greene Photography

Live on the Coke Side of Life

A lot of times, the image of decorating with antique Coke novelties is the one of overwhelming a room in red, along with black and white. We get that most people are trying to recreate the retro-style magic of the ’50s and ’60s Coke diner. But that is not your only option. There are plenty of other ways in which you can decorate with vintage Coke machines, large framed posters and other iconography. Use that rare coke poster just as any other poster in the home by framing it and accentuating the space with the right accent lighting.

A contemporary and artistic take on the classic Coca-Cola poster in the living room

Photograph by Laura Garner

Framed coke ad in the living room with accent lighting stands out visually

by Urban Colony

There are many modern re-interpretations of the classic Coke poster that you can use in minimal and transitional spaces. A restored vending machine in the corner or even a large button-style minimalist Coke sign can get the job done with finesse. Remember that at the end of the day, too much red can be visually overwhelming, unless you are going all-out to embrace the Coke theme!

Restored old coke machine for the playful living room

by Irene Turner at Home

The Coke poster accentuates the red hues in the family room

by Rosichelli – Design

Smart Coca-Cola themed home office!

Gorgeous bathroom with lovely lighting uses an old coca cola crate elegantly

by Studio 80 Interior Design

Where There’s Coke There’s Hospitality!

Why not embrace the tagline and philosophy that propelled Coke through the ’40s and ’50s? The fizzy sugar rush of the drink was combined with the idea of friends, family and good times very early in its marketing. That very image has persisted now for nearly a century! Celebrate this spirit of togetherness by decorating your game room, family area or even the man cave in the basement with Coke-inspired decor. Now, this is one place where you can go all out with the reds, and for the serious collectors, there is the possibility of decking out the space with some special vintage finds. A perfect way to add some cheer to the fun times!

Fun family room with a classic Coca Cola poster

by CHC Creative Remodeling

Large garage transformed into a retro style family room Coca-Cola-themed 50s diner!

by Don F. Wong Photography

Vintage Coke machine for the fun basement game room

by WL Bars and Interiors

Exclusive 1950's style game room with coke machine, soda bar and a jukebox

A family room addition that is all about Coca-Cola!

by Volkman Kitchen and Bath

Give your garage a nostalgic makeover with some Coca Cola Decor

by Kings Chapel Community

A Refreshing New Feeling!

At Decoist, we are not just about going out and spending some cash to bring home amazing decor. (Though that is often what the lazy ones among us do.) It is time to take that old Coca-Cola crate and bottles and turn them into appealing and inventive decor. The DIY possibilities with a crate are obviously endless, and you can craft anything ranging from rustic wall shelves to magazine holders and home office organizers! One of the ideas that we absolutely loved is the use of spray painted Coke bottles, shown below. Easy to execute and a whole lot of fun, this decorative statement can be personalized with summer colors if you are not too keen on the fall gold version showcased here.

Old Coke bottles transformed into gorgeous summer and fall decor

Spray painted Coke bottles is a wonderful DIY project idea

Photography by Amy Renea

Vintage Coke crate transformed into a cool magazine holder

by Rikki Snyder

Casually placed Coke crate adds color to this farmhouse style kitchen

by Sara Bates

Old Coke crate used as an organizer in the home office

by Funky Junk Interiors

Maybe a simple display of some vintage Coke bottles is all you need!

by Paula Grace Designs

Open Happiness in the Kitchen

Many modern kitchens are trying their best to find that perfect balance between the old and the new. While functionality has taken a modern turn, a large number of homeowners still prefer a few classic design elements in the kitchen. Simple and unassuming, Coke banners and posters add this timeless touch without demanding too much in terms of effort and time. You can obviously craft a retro-style diner right next to the kitchen to enhance this look. The kitchen is one of the easiest places to incorporate eclectic and colorful features. Coke accessories also allow you to easily define and elevate the focal points in your culinary space.

Midcentury style dining room with a vintage Coke Poster

by Alan Design Studio

Graffiti style Coca Cola inspired backsplash for the eclectic, modern kitchen

by Luci.D Interiors

Refrigerator in the Coca-Cola motif shines through

by Cristi Holcombe Interiors

Striking Coca-Cola decor looks apt even in sleek, contemporary spaces

by Treve Johnson Photography

Coca-Cola themed decorations add to the festive joy of the Holiday season

by Designer for Triton Homes, Owner Triton Interiors

Vintage Coke signs seem to accentuate the reds in this kitchen

by Lilija Gelazis

Are you someone who loves to decorate with Coca-Cola decor? Is there some special poster or item that you particularly cherish? Maybe there is a rare Coke collectible on your wish list. Let us know…

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