The idea of giving an aging Victorian residence a modern revamp is something that we see catching on among homeowners across the globe. Some opt for the renovation because their home urgently needs one and others long for an aesthetic makeover that gives their house a more contemporary context. Residents of this gorgeous townhouse in North London were motivated by a bit of both as they turned to LLI Design in order to find a fresh new beginning for their dreary home. The transformation is both cheerful and elegant as Victorian sensibilities were carefully intertwined with modern additions to create a clever balance between both worlds.

Flodable glass doors connect the interior with the garden area outside

The idea was to facilitate a transition from the old to the new rather than a sudden or drastic change of style. Many of the original Victorian elements and fixtures that could be preserved and given a new lease of life were don so without hindering the addition of newer elements and design ideas. The new kitchen and dining area in the rear becomes the social zone with stackable, folding glass doors connecting this space with the deck and garden outside. The three-level house now feels cheerful, modern and yet timeless – a sense of poise that the homeowners longed for!

Contemporary makeover of Victorian townhouse in North London
New kitchen and dining room in white of the smart modern townhouse
Stylish contemporary kitchen with blue tiled backsplash
Subway Tile Backsplash adds color to the kitchen in white
Enhanced Victorian features of the revamped London townhouse

We have achieved a harmonious and calm aesthetic throughout with modern touches within a timeless design. As with the majority of LLI Design’s projects, the construction, joinery, home automation and landscaping were carried out by our in-house vertically integrated teams – Pegasus Property & Pegasus Automation.

Lighting for the multi-level stairway
View of the bathroom from outside
All-white contemporary bathroom idea
Elegant bathroom makeover with smart lighting
Niche in the shower area for the your bathroom essentials
Ground floor plan of the renovated Victorian townhouse in London
First floor plan of London Victorian Townhouse

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