Summer means sunshine, outdoors and if you are lucky enough to live near a beach, plenty of sand and surf. It is also the time of the year when most of us feel more comfortable outdoors than inside and with longer days and brighter evenings, the poolside deck or the garden comes alive once again! It is a great time to have those wonderful parties with friends and family and you can enjoy all the warmth and brightness without having to worry about cold, late afternoon breeze. But what if you just want to have a quiet evening with someone you love or just a friend or two? Well, we have the ideal solution for you today with the small outdoor hangout.

Small beach style deck with simple and unassuming outdoor décor [From: Lisa Bell Design Group]

Much like any other small space inside your home, decorating the small balcony, deck or patio is all about finding the right balance between aesthetics and ergonomics. The added advantage outdoors is the fact that you would not have to worry about visual congestion or lack of light. This makes the job a lot easier. With contemporary décor bringing luxury that is otherwise relegated to living rooms and dining spaces to the outdoors, the options are seemingly endless indeed. This is a look at some the best small outdoor hangout ideas for those who want to enjoy their summer to the fullest –

Tiny Balconies and Terraces

Even those living in urban environments should have the luxury of enjoying a quiet evening taking in the late sunset and spending some quality time with their closest friends and family. Even an ultra-small apartment balcony can be transformed into a relaxing retreat with the use of a simple bench and a small table or a couple of chairs. Since the tiny balcony already feels congested, opening the door between the balcony and the room next to it while you relax outside and enjoy the city skyline makes the experience a lot less claustrophobic.

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Terrace can be transformed into a cool barbecue area and outdoor dining space [From: EAG Studio / Open Homes Photography]

The same is the case for small terraces, but here you generally have a bit more space to work with than in the balcony. An outdoor dining area accompanied by a small barbecue zone should have you all set for the summer ahead! If you want add that ‘something extra’ to this cozy, private environment, then a sleek modern fireplace is a great choice indeed.

Planters on the rail and tiny table and chairs transform the small balcony into a cool hangout
Tiny balcony with plush seating, storage options and floating shelves [From: Cuorebello]

A Social Deck!

Few spaces in our home see as much activity in summer as the pool deck and with summer around, even the tiniest deck in the small garden or next to the pool can come in incredibly handy. All you need here are a few classy outdoor chairs, a smart coffee table and a pool lounger or two (if you have the space) and you have a relaxing deck that becomes the perfect spot for a staycation. Décor crafted using natural materials like bamboo and rattan capture the spirit of summer beautifully while also ushering in coastal or breezy beach style. Bean bags and outdoor plants can complete the perfect, summer-centric outdoor hangout.

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Beach style deck with breezy modern decor and summery charm [From: Sube Susaeta Interiorismo]
A perfect beach style deck for a relaxing summer afternoon outdoors
Bean bags and wooden crates turn the outdoor deck into a cozy hangout [From: DVELAS]

Surrounded by Greenery

A blissful oasis amidst the urban jungle, a small garden can make a big difference to your home and your lifestyle. It is in this green hub that you can find that ideal outdoor escape with the canopy offering both shade and privacy. With an already magical backdrop and the colorful charm of flowering plants, all you need here are a couple of cool outdoor chairs and a small table for two. Dreamy lighting can put the delightful final touches on your dream garden retreat.

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Staircase is as impressive as the tiny outdoor deck filled with greenery
Tropical escape inspired outdoor deck with hanging seats [From: Adenbrook Homes]
Dinner for two on the private deck surrounded by greenery! [From: PUYAU LANDSCAPES]

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